Muay Thai Training in Vancouver

Muay Thai is the name of a boxing form that hails from the Southeastern Asian nation of Thailand. It’s a widely known combat sport that has been gaining a lot of traction in the United States and elsewhere in recent years. If you want to revel in the wonders of Muay Thai, then our Vancouver, British Columbia mixed martial arts gym can accommodate you 100 percent.

When you want Muay Thai classes in Vancouver  there’s no better place than VAMMA

 Our Muay Thai gym in Vancouver can provide Muay Thai training you can rely on time and time again.

What we teach:

·         Timing and Technique

·         Conditioning

·         Partner Drills

·         Safe Sparring

·         Movement and Footwork

·         Boxing Techniques

·         Blocking and Defense

·         Clinch Techniques

·         Elbow and Knee Strikes

·         Kicking Techniques

Muay Thai is recognized as the “art of eight limbs.” It was developed when wars were fought with the use of bows and arrows, swords and spikes. Every body part became a weapon and that’s when the new close combat-fighting skill was born. The shin is used to block and strike, the arms become twin swords in defense; the fist functioned as a jabbing tip of a spear. The elbow is a battle axe used to smash and crush; the knee forces its way through enemy’s defense, the foot a pike, arrow and knife.

If you’re wondering whether you want to take part in Muay Thai classes in Vancouver you should listen closely. People have many incentives to learn all about the ins and outs of Muay Thai and how it works. This sport doesn’t only help you get in great shape, it will make you feel a lot more powerful.  Muay Thai training can enhance your posture, boost your pliability and make you feel like anything is possible. People who want to revel in cardiovascular advantages often turn to the realm of Muay Thai.

Fitness Benefits of Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai isn’t just amazing for people who want to feel like a million bucks as far as power goes. It’s also amazing for people who are looking to unwind and let go of any tension and frustration. If you suffer from anxiety or feeling constantly antsy then Muay Thai classes may be able to help you decompress and let go of all sorts of pent-up energy.

Not only is Muay Thai a terrific sport for people who are all about bettering their physiques dramatically, it’s great for those who enjoy or yearn for basic human interaction. If you’re a “people person” who adores being in the company of others, then participating in Muay Thai classes can be just the solution.  Muay Thai sessions enable you to break a sweat in the company of others. They enable you to laugh and blow off steam in the company of others as well.

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If you want Muay Thai training in Vancouver VAMMA will come through for you. Muay Thai training caters to anyone who wants to learn the sport; men, woman, children, whether you’re aspiring to become a professional fighter or to simply stay fit.

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What to bring to classes:

  • A positive attitude
  • Water bottle
  • Gym shorts
  • Gym shirt
  • Towel


  • Hand wraps

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