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Being fit and active is one of the most rewarding lifestyle choices that anyone can make. When you are feeling healthy at a physical level, your emotional and mental health will also reach an apex. Going to the gym and working out is helpful, but only part of the overall program. If you really want to reach the higher levels of fitness, you should sign up for our boxing classes in Vancouver.

When you start boxing with VAMMA, the world is your oyster. Boxing is not just a sport, but also an art form. You have to develop your own style and techniques. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses that can be assessed and improved upon with the help of one of our professional trainers. If you’ve Googled “boxing gym near me,” you found VAMMA Mixed Martial Arts and we offer group training and also personalized sessions for athletes to reach their prime potential.

Boxing training provides several mind-body benefits that include:

  • Improved coordination

While repeatedly practicing movements and specific punching combinations you will automatically adapt and improve your coordination.

  • Stronger mental muscles

In boxing, you have to be able to recall and use the six different types of punches and the five different defense techniques, all while keeping light on your feet. Your brain will be working just as hard as your body does!

  • Increased confidence

When you hit and punch as hard as you can, every punch and kick will feel like a success. You will feel like a tough cookie that’s ready to conquer anything!

  • Stress relief

Any workout helps eliminate any stress in your body and mind. Boxing is on another level with this benefit because you literally get rid of all that opent up aggression! Instead of fighting an innocent person at a bar, use that in the gym at VAMMA! Relieve your stress in a healthy manner.

  • Empowerment

Boxing empowers everyone. However, because boxing is generally regarded as a male dominated sport, women tend to feel most empowered when they get the hang of it. It also helps women feel like if they’re walking down a dark road at night, they have a fighting chance at any attacker that crosses their path.

VAMMA’s boxing training in Vancouver is a way to get motivated. When you really have to defend yourself in the ring, you are going to push yourself to the limits. Giving it your all and trying to edge out your competitors helps athletes avoid all the negative lifestyle habits that others fall into.


The way you eat affects your training and also the weight category you train for.  Maintaining a mean, lean, fighting machine body is critical to psychologically intimidating your opponents before you even step into the ring. So, nutrition plus physical training will lead to optimal results.

Boxing at VAMMA allows you to later excel in other forms of martial arts and kickboxing. Building up your basic skill sets by participating in a wide range of mixed martial arts keeps it interesting. If you searched Google for “boxing gym near me,” you found VAMMA. We help boxers progressively reach their goals while moving at a comfortable pace. While there is no pressure to get in perfect shape overnight, our boxing classes in Vancouver have a profound motivational effect.

Our Boxing classes in Vancouver lets you taste the fruits of your labor. When you start boxing with VAMMA, you start to hunger when you see the potential rewards in front of you. Searching Google for “boxing near me” and finding VAMMA is your ticket to prime fitness and a great workout. You will be captivated by the entire boxing world and the beauty of the 1-2 punch, uppercut, jab, and knockout blows.


Vancouverites are signing up and finding that the communal spirit and friendships they make at VAMMA are much deeper. Building high quality friendships that revolve around the sport comes with the territory. Also, prepare for your health to improve. With a well-maintained fitness and nutrition regime, your worries about heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and other obesity-related diseases can decrease.

Sign up and try out the boxing classes.

Rest assured you will never be forced to compete or be put into situations that make you uncomfortable. The headgear, gloves, and supervision from our professional instructors will all ensure that you are only getting the contact-level that you are comfortable with in the ring.


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